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Thursday, August 17, 2006


The Middle East conflict

"Prior to the latest incursion, Gaza was still surrounded by the Israeli army, with checkpoints at exits, its coast patrolled and its airspace controlled. It is actually a large open-air prison. Israel's continued occupation of territory beyond its legitimate borders is the problem." - Gilwee Walker, California, USA. (Time,Aug 7-14 2006)
It sickens me to watch George Bush's speech on CNN wanting to root out the cause of the century old Middle East conflict while ignoring the fact that Israel IS the root cause of the problem. Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian land is the root cause of the problem! The US hipocrisy and double standard foreign policy of protecting Israel's interest in the Middle East is the root cause of the problem. In short, the state of Israel is the stumbling block to peace process in MidEast. Period.

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