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Friday, November 10, 2006


Dam - Meen Erhabe

Check out this cool music video, 'Meen Erhabe' (Who's the terrorist?) by Palestinian rapper, DAM (Eternity).

The clip begins with a speech by former US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark saying;

"We've had 50 years of assault on Palestinian Rights. I think they are the most terrorized.. at least with the Iraqi people..

They're the most terrorized people on earth.. and have been for so many years

Practically every Palestinian lives in.. constant harrasment, threat of violence, humiliation

It's been that wat for a long long time.. "

you can download the videoclip here. (8.2mb)

Here's part of the English translated lyrics

Who's the terrorist?
I'm the terrorist?!
How am I the terrorist when you've taken my land?

Who's the terrorist?
You're the terrorist!
You've taken everything I own while I'm living in my homeland
You're killing us like you've killed our ancestors

You want me to go to the law?
What for?
You're the witness - the lawyer and the judge!
If you're my judge
I'll be sentenced to death
You want us to be the minority?
to end up this majority in the cemetery?
in your dreams!

You're a Democracy?
Actually it's more like the Nazis!
Your countless raping of the Arabs soul
Finally impregnated it
Gave birth to your child
His name: Suicide Bomber
And then you call him the terrorist?
You attack me but still you cry out

When I remind you it was you who attacked me
You silence me and shout:
"But you let small children throw stones!"
"Don't they have parents to keep them at home?"


You must have forgotten you buried out parents under the rubble of our homes.

And now while my agony is so immense
You call me the terrorist?!
Who's the terrorist?
I'm the terrorist?!
How am I the terrorist
when you've taken my land? ...

Other related song: Outlandish - Look Into My Eyes

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