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Friday, January 06, 2006


Blind guy story

So here goes my story for today. It so happened that yesterday was the first time in weeks that i took the KTM commuter train and Monorail to work due to some unforeseen circumstances. :p Usually i drive to work. Ok, to cut short the story, I was at the BB Monorail station on my way back home from office. While walking to the opposite platform, which is the platform for the KL Sentral route, i spotted on a blind man (pic) was walking towards the edge and my eyes were like glued to him instantly. Perhaps there's nothing interesting left for me to see. I could see he was trying to enter the train but i guess he didn't realised that the train was about to leave when he came.

Maybe he thought the train just arrived, but actually the train was already leaving. He was like few seconds late. As i walked for few steps later- i heard a loud shout from behind (someone screamed). The most unexpected thing happened. The blind man fell off the platform edge! He was the first to arrive at the platform, so there's no one close enough to prevent him from falling. I was dumbstruck and shocked of what i saw. I straight away ran towards the platform edge. Good thing was that i'm glad there were still many good people around.
There's this one guy and few others constantly telling the blind man,
"abang, jangan bergerak, duduk.. duduk dulu,"
"tunggu, tunggu, kita panggil orang datang.."

Bahaya gila. About 2 minutes later, the monorail station officers came and took him away and it caused a delay for about nearly half and hour. but thank god he's in good shape now. phew. but still kesian la.. and yeah, i managed to snap few shots though. hehe
my officemate was so traumatized of the incident.. she actually saw the blind man 'walked on air' before falling off the platform. Gile scary.. Luckily he's not so badly injured and the station officers were quick to react and took him off the rail track.

I'm still in a shock of what i saw, but a little better now.

The National - Looking For Astronauts

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