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Thursday, January 26, 2006


because of.. The Because!

[image source:]

Haha. I like this one. Another Harold's Planet daily favorite of mine. :D
Curse yooouu Mr. The Because! Curse you! hehe
Yay! Finally i managed to sell off my old Dell monitor (2003) at the BuySellTrade shop in SS15, after months of delay. For RM50, i think it is reasonable. Sunway Pyramid's IT Centre could only offer me RM20! So, yeah it is a good price. Check out their website. You can sell practically everything there. They buy everything from electronic goods and gadgets, books, baby chair, vcds, golf set and et cetera. but also do take note that it is so damn hard to find a parking spot! Close to near impossible. hehe. My advice, go after 6pm.

Matchbook Romance - Monster (daymnn, tho i like this song, they sound like totally different band! I think i like 'Stories and Alibis' much better..)

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