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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Maal Hijrah & Sg. Gabai

February 1 2006 marks the 4th anniversary of my website. So happy birthday dear website! Click here to my previous website layouts, from 2002-2004.
Sg. Gabai retreat!
Sg. Gabai, Hulu Langat
(L-R: Mon, ohno, king, kamil, me and nik. Lionel not in pic.)
It was my 5th trip to Sg. Gabai, Hulu Langat in four years, that sums up why i'm not that ecstatic to go at first. But since there was nothing else better to do on a Tuesday morning, so might as well just go lepak dgn budak-budak ni and menikmati deruan air terjun deras yang mengasyikkan, yang jauh dari hiruk pikuk kebisingan ibukota. hehe
The water seems to be extraordinary cold than usual! I was shivering in cold for quite a while. sejuk giler. tapi best la kann. :p Luckily we arrived early around 9.15am and managed to find a good spot for our nasi lemak picnic. The place was too crowded by around noon. No surprise, it was a public holiday. The cars were even parked way up past the main entrance! But anyway, all in all it was a good day.
Check out my fotopages for any updates.
Happy New Year to all Muslims. (1 Muharram 1427H.)

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