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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


A Kadir Jasin, the NST & local magazines..

oh it feels like so long since i last post an entry here. So here's basically my summary for the past week.
Another big name in the journalism/media industry, A Kadir Jasin, ex- NST Group editor-in-chief, one of the many few that i highly admire, has now started up his own blog at I used to follow his weekly column, 'Other thots' when he was still the NST Group editor in the late 90s, '.

You can say that i grew up reading the NST. Lazarus Rokk and Khalid Redza were among the few NST Sports journalist that i could still remember during my primary school days back in the early 90s. Those days i only read the Sports section, checking on the M-League football results and blablah.
I usually spend around 20-30 Ringgit per month for magazines. I just can't help it. Magazines is a must for me and most of the time i would read it in the office. I am a frequent reader of Off The Edge and Personal Money. I read Time, Malaysian Business and KLUE occasionally. If you don't mind, I'd like to recommend a few magazine columns that is a 'must-read' for me.

Off The Edge (they got lots of fresh contents and good writers)
-Hishamuddin Rais's Tapai column
-Those were the days by Dato' Abdul Hamid bin Dato' Sidek
-Citizen Kam by Kam Raslan
-Teohlogy by Patrick Teoh

Personal Money
-Keeping Time by Rajen Devadason
-Spare Change by Azizi Ali

Malaysian Business
-Other Thots - A Kadir Jasin
-My finances by Rajen Devadason
-My Wealth by Yap Ming Hui (author of You Can't Manage Your Money .. Especially When You're Rich)

-Fahmi Fadzil's 'Focus' in KLUE is also another favorite of mine. I like his outspokeness and the way he expresses his writings on certain issues.

btw, any of you noticed that Sharifah Amani is featured in 3 magazines this month? She's in the cover of the February issue of KLUE, Rapi (a women health magazine) and Pengantin (got sumore ah?). Ah isn't she so shweeet.. :p Can't wait to watch her in Yasmin Ahmad's latest film, 'Gubra'.

Here comes March. byebye February.

Dewa - Dealova (Dealova OST) (oh mann, Dewa is so 'addictive'. been listening to them for the past two weeks! First it was 'Larut', then 'Laskar Cinta' and now, 'Dealova'. such beautiful songs. Deep lyrics.)

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