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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Kay Ell See See

Yay, finally i've got a reason to go to KLCC today! I mean, to Kinokuniya lah to be exact. Takde kerja saje2 nak pegi KLCC sorang-sorang. And so i bought a new book, a 'travelogue novel', 'Hatiku Terluka di Bukhara' by Wan Hashim Wan Teh (currently MP for Grik). [Bukhara in Wikipedia] I was meaning to buy Faisal Tehrani's new award winning novel, 'Advencer Si Peniup Ney' as well but was short of a few ringgit. Daymnn. Tu lah tak plan awal-awal.

Anyway, I met my client there for my first ever freelance design project. Well, although it's a sub project being given to me, tak kisah la sangat, at least I have some serious business to do for the moment and i'm looking forward to start work now! Hiyah!

Damn it, t-shirt futsal Catalans tak siap lagi. tension betul dengan kedai tuh. Janji 2 minggu. Ni dah masuk sebulan dah ni. Rilek kawan-kawan. Harap-harap by end of this week la the latest. *sigh*
Melly Goeslaw ft. Evan - Tentang Dia

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