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Friday, July 29, 2005


Khairy on tv

Any of you manage to catch Khairy-Chua Jui Meng debate on TV3? Man, i like this guy, Khairy Jamaluddin (PM's son-in-law & the so-called most powerful 29-year-old-Malaysian). He was supremely confident and full of charisma.

Well, actually the reason i watched the TV3 debate was not much because of the topic debated; The NEP (National Economic Policy) Revival- but because of wanted to listen to him. I like the way he speaks, the way he clearly delivers his speech. Unlike his boss in UMNO Youth, Dato' Hisham, whom i thought was quite over-emotional on expressing views on the NEP during last week's UMNO General Assembly, Khairy was a little different, a more level-headed guy and I prefer to watch him on tv than any other senior UMNO leaders which i felt were rather boring, dull and full of same old rethorics. And yes that includes the current TPM Najib as well. Bosan.

I can say for now that he's definitely has a bright future in Malaysian politics. I wouldn't mind if he were to be the seventh or maybe even the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia in future.

Ok, enough politics talk for now.

Have a nice weekend.

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