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Saturday, September 24, 2005


10, 20 years ago~

I was tagged by temi. So here goes, my story.

20 years ago: 1985
I was a two years old cute little baby. I was in Perlis then as my mother was teaching in UiTM Arau for a short period of time before we moved back to Subang. Subang Jaya had nothing back then. USJ was not even on the map yet. Seafield estate ade la.There were no roads connecting Subang_Jaya to Puchong. No LDP. No KESAS. The only major highway was the Federal Highway. Subang Parade, Sunway Pyramid, Masjid Darul Ehsan, Mamak Bistro, ADUN Subang Jaya; semuaaa pun takde lagi. So, basically there's nothing. Kalau dulu nak lepak minum waktu malam, tempat favorite ialah area PJ Old Town.

Subang Jaya was under Petaling district but not until the mid 90s, when MPSJ was established. In the 80s, if one were to mention the name Subang, ppl would only thought of the Subang airport or maybe Kampung Melayu Subang, to some.

10 years ago: 1995
UPSR year. I loved my primary school, SRK Sri Subang Jaya or simply known as 'sekolah dua' (SRKSJ-sekolah satu). But not anymore. Sri_Subang was at its best during the era of En. Manan_bin Simpol. During his time, we were one of the 'Sekolah Harapan Negara'. :p
I could remember at one time when TV3 came to our school. Well, actually it was the Alam Ria programme crew. I bet you could still remember the show. I could hardly remember much though but what i know was that the Alam Ria host was my schoolmate; Amelia. Semua orang panggil dia 'budak Alam Ria' dulu. ehe.

5 years ago: 2000
Form 5 was definitely the most memorable year during high school days. It was great to have such wonderful friends around me; budak-budak al-amin (nama team bola je ni). The most dissapointing football event of the year would be the failure of us to qualify for the semifinals in the SMSJ inter-club football as we were one of the favorites to win.

I entered a poem reciting competition organised by the Persatuan Bahasa Melayu. Hahah, lawak gila. I recited Dr. Mahathir's 'Perjuangan Belum Selesai'. Bidan terjun la jugak sebenarnya. Nak mencukupkan bilangan peserta. :p Oh, man that would be the first and last for me.

hmm, what else, oh yea, i represented school in football in the inter-Petaling district level in UM.

Okkay, i should stop here. There's so much more if i were to write them all. heheh

3 years ago: 2002
Mahasiswa universiti. Actively involved in few college societies especially PSSCUHMMU. I liked photography the most during first year, i guess it's because of we had the chance to travel all over Malaysia. :p

This year: 2005
The high point of the year would certainly be the MMU Convocation day and also the number of trips that i've been to; Cameron Highlands, Gua Senyum, Pahang, Tioman Island, umrah in Makkah and Madinah, West Sumatera and Medan, Indonesia.
Finally i got myself a full time job. Lega, dah bukan lagi graduan menganggur. hehe

Next year: 2006
Think I'll just keep this one for myself.

10 years from now: 2015
Same as above.

Farhan, yan dan wanie, sila-sila.
Jimmy Eat World - Disintegration

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