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Thursday, September 01, 2005


31 Ogos 2005

Today's blog entry was supposed to be published yesterday but the streamyx connection suddenly went kaput. Damn it. Anyway so here it is. Ah, after nearly three months of postponement and tangguh-menangguh, finally i managed to clean up my room, on Merdeka day! I'm so glad that it's over. Penattt. These are among the few harta karun that i found while cleaning up.

Wah look what i've found! A 1990 stamp album.

A 1973 Pentax SLR camera with a complete set of wide angle/zoom lens and filters. It is still in good condition. Only the lens need to be cleaned up.

Year 1996/97 collection of Shoot and Match. Those days the price were only RM4.90. Harga sebelum kegawatan ekonomi. Lepas dah naik mendadak ke RM7.20 terus tak beli dah.
Later on that night i, amri and suraya went to Pyramid and watched 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'! Ain was supposed to come along too but last minute tak jadi. Tapi rasanya Johnny Depp dalam movie ni macam ade sesuatu yang kurang skit. Macam minum kopi kurang gula sikit la kott. No doubt that his role as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean was waaay better compared to as Willy Wonka. But all in all it's still a good movie, worth watching. :)
(haha terngiang-ngiang lagi lagu mase end credits tu :p)
Chrisye ft. Peterpan - Menunggumu

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