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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Sufjan Stevens & Harry Potter

Getting bored of the same old song on your playlist? If youre looking for a new song/album to download, try Sufjan Stevens (pronounced SOOF-yan).

Sufjan Stevens; Illinois
pic source:
Since I'm no good at writing music reviews, you can read one here. Chicago, Casimir Pulaski Day and Come On! Feel The Illinoise! are my current favorite tracks.
"..That he plays most of the instruments—including acoustic guitar, piano, alto sax, electric bass, drums, banjo, Wurlitzer, flute, accordion, glockenspiel, and at least 20 more—and still writes songs that often surprise for their minimalism is just stupid good. Sufjan Stevens gets everything right. And, ultimately, that's how Illinois surpasses expectations. From its framing gimmick and its anti-folk folk songwriting to its he-has-to-be-kidding song titles and its show-offy instrumentation, Illinois should reduce to a simple stunt performance." --


Yeay, can't wait to catch Harry Potter tonight!

Later folks.

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