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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Credit card, Bangladesh and democracy..

Another daily ramblings..

Earlier today while i was driving to Cyberjaya, suddenly a lady from Citibank phoned me.. Now, what has Citibank got to do with me? Such a surprise indeed. I was like, how the hell did they get to know my contact number, my details and all? The caller asked me whether i'm interested to get myself a credit card. Ha-Ha.. and i politely said no, but then she insisted again and asked about my salary, what the.. and when she was about to talk of the many benefits of using a credit card and all, i quickly stopped her and said, sorry i'm not interested and hung up.
Last week, the Jabatan Sumber Manusia called me, the lady on the phone asked;
"awak dah kerja ke belum?" and i said, yes. and that's about it. hehhe.
From the tone of her voice, I supposed she must have phoned hundreds of other graduates, i guess. And so i figured out that the government was perhaps in the process of updating the number of unemployed grads. :)

Ok, back to the credit card issue, I just don't see the need of me applying for a credit card. Kalau gaji at least RM3000 boleh la jugak nak consider. khokoh. Maybe i've been reading a lot (from Personal Money mag) of how young professionals went bankcrupt because of credit card default that scares me of using it. Well, at least for now.
Earlier today I went to Cyberia condo in Cyberjaya with my mom and our Bangladeshi electrician/plumber. He was to fix the washing machine and the faulty pipelines. That was the first time of me and my mom having a long conversation with a Bangladeshi guy. We talked quite a lot in the car. I have to admit he is very fluent in Bahasa Melayu which later i found out that he's been working in Malaysia for almost 12 years now. One of the subject that we spoke on was on life in Bangadesh and its politics.

One of his words that i could remember was that, he said;
"Siapa naik (jadi kerajaan), semua tak suka, siapa naik pun semua tak suka. Bila (rakyat) mau suka?" -hehe..

According to Wikipedia;

"Bangladesh won its independence in 1971, after a bloody war supported by India. In its three and a half decades of independence marked by political turmoil and corruption, Bangladesh has had 13 different heads of government, two of them assassinated, and at least four coups.."
kesian Bangladesh. I just thought that too much democracy is not good. It it like what is happening in Indonesia, where there is too much freedom, esp. after the fall of Suharto and in the end the government tak boleh nak buat kerja dengan efisien. I believe that freedom must have its own limitation. No point in having a total democratic freedom government when you're much worse off in, say, the corruption index, economic freedom, the living society and et ceteras.
Aku tak boleh terima, geram betul bila dengar Anwar Ibrahim canang ke hulu hilir, merata dunia kata demokrasi Indonesia ni bebas, bagus la hebat sangatlah, pastu kritik demokrasi Malaysia. Apa guna demokrasi macam Indonesia tu kalau negara teruk ekonominya, politiknya, corruption tak payah cakaplah. Pengalaman aku, dari Bali ke Jakarta ke Bandung sampai ke Padang dan Medan semua orang pun duk cakap pasal korupsi. Aku tak kritik Indon sebenarnya tapi geram dengan Pak Sheikh ni bila dia kritik Malaysia di luar negara..
ha kan dah jadi emo tiba-tiba aku nih..ok ok cool man.
I'd like to put in quote by Lee Kuan Yew in his interview with TIME magazine, December 12 issue. Although i never like him but i have to say that i agree with him on this;
TIME: A documentary film was made locally about a Singaporean opposition politician, and it was banned.
LEE: Well if you had asked me, I would have said, to hell with it. But the censor, the enforcer, he will continue until he is told the law has changed. And it will change...
[But], I'm not guided by what Human Rights Watch says. I am not interested in ratings by Freedom House or whatever. At the end of the day, is Singapore society better of worse off? That's the test. What are the indicator of a good-governed society? Look at the humanities index in last week's Economist, we're right on top. You look at the savings index, World Bank, we're right on top. Economic freedoms, we're right on top...
If you look closely you could see there's a similarity of leadership style between Dr. Mahathir and Lee Kuan Yew. Both are widely regarded as an authoritarian leader. I always think that in order for the nation to succeed, you need to make sacrifices, like what Mr. Lee said in his interview; though i really don't give a damn about the Singaporean society. Likewise, Dr. Mahathir has done so much as well. You cannot please everyone. You never will, or you'll end up nowhere.
Okay i dont intend to write a long entry on Bangladesh or politics here, so that's it. I just feel i need to update this blog more often. End.

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