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Sunday, April 30, 2006


alya chomel

Ah, it feels like soo long since i write something here. Previous entry was just a copy paste. So that didn't count. Anyway, guess what? Aleeya (pic) won the Carrefour baby photo contest (pertandingan baby comel)! Next Saturday is the prize-giving ceremony at Carrefour Subang Jaya. :p

Seriously i was very surprised when my mother told me that that photo won, as it was like a last minute entry (we've submitted 4 entries) and i don't quite like the amatuerish-look of it and its composition, though her emotions looks natural while dancing on the table. heheh. But nevertheless, i'm still happy that she won (or should i say, i, as the photographer :p)! Winning is what matters most! She is one of the 8 winners. You know how hard it is to snap a shot of a 'grown up' baby. If she notice that i'm holding a camera, she would rush toward me to grab a hold of it. So you gotta be quick! After all, isn't photography is all about time & light, right? hehe. Blablahs.

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