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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


For Blood and Empire

For Blood and Empire Wuhoo, i've just finished downloading Anti-Flag's latest album, For Blood and Empire! Although my taste of music has slightly changed to indie and post-rock since around mid last year, Anti-Flag is one of the many few punk rock band that i still listen to. Their lyrics are still ever the same - highly political, provocative with the usual left wing ideals. Though i don't consider myself a leftist, (save for the fact that i'ma lefthanded) i enjoy listening to their anti neo-con & neo-fascist, anti-war and anti US hegemony lyrics.
But they too are not without their critics, according to wikipedia,

"In 2005 Anti-Flag signed a two-album record contract with major label RCA, though their label A-F Records remains independent. Their new album, For Blood and Empire, was released March 21, 2006. The band said that they want their music to be heard. RCA is owned by Sony BMG, one of the largest corporations in the world. Some fans find this decision hypocritical due to Anti-Flag's previously overt anti-capitalist lyrics. Furthermore, critics have highlighted the contradiction between releasing an album entitled 'Underground Network' and espousing the benefits of independent media, and signing to a major label." -- heh, well i just don't give a damn. as long as they don't change their music, it's fine for me.

Part of the song lyrics below was based on John Perkin's autobiographical book, Confession of an Economic Hitman.

..Arbenz, Mossadeq, Allende, Roldos, Torrijos, Aristide
Elected democratically, all snuffed out by the CIA
The truth will cause your heart to seize
Shed light on the true enemy..

Confession of an Economic Hitman by Anti-Flag

-- 8 Days left... Misi Nusantara 4.

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