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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Gubra, Cadbury & MPH 100th birthday bash

fuh lamanye tak update. ok here goes. not exactly a movie review though..
Gubra was nice. I was kinda expected that the two parallel stories in Gubra would eventually, in the end somehow be merged into one, but no, it didn't happen. heheh. man, what was i thinking. :p Again, like previously in Sepet, Yasmin Ahmad slotted in the Melayu-Cina-Malaysia issues in the dialogue, though a little less controversial than Sepet.
One of the scenes that i like was when Orked received a call from her mother about her father's illness. I like the kelam kabutness of everyone from the moment Orked and husband, Arif went off to Orked's parent's house up to their way to the hospital. it was like so natural and real. the spontaneous and all.. hehhe.
Satu scene tu, masa bapak Orked tengah baring separa pengsan, tiba-tiba bangun mendengus dengan mengejut, pastu dengan muka mamainye, cakap - nak kencing. ehehe buat suspen satu rumah je. :p
"kalau tengah nak beranak ni, anak aku dah darjah 1 baru ambulans sampai." - kak yam komen sebab ambulans lambat sangat sampai.
Lain-lain dah lupe la..
On another note, I was bemused - what was the purpose of showing the ustaz/imam touching a dog on the middle of the road? (tahula anjing & tangan Ustaz dalam keadaan kering. tapi macam, tak penah dibuat orang. Ustaz kampung pulak tu.) And some of the scenes in the movie was like, too fake to be true . boleh pulak si perempuan alim (mas) berkawan rapat dengan dua orang pelacur? hmm. well, i just don't know lah, maybe Yasmin was trying to show a different pespective to the audience.
But anyway, I like mas's character, the tudung-clad-hitam-manis young ustazah, she's always with her smile and her cekodok. Although she knows that kak temah is a HIV positive, never did she treat kak temah indifferently, and in the end kak temah yang buta alif-ba-ta decided to belajar mengaji with mas. So yeah there's a positive side to the story there.
oh, the pantun by Kak Yam was nice too. :p
ikan tenggiri,
ikan yu,
jaga diri,
i love u~
If any of you ask me, which is better, Sepet of Gubra? Technically, I would definitely say Gubra. But overall it's quite hard to tell which one is better, really. Both are of different genre. Gubra is more to social issues whereas Sepet is a love story. but one thing's for sure, i love Sharifah Amani. hehee..
All in all, it's a good watch. Definitely worth the money, er i mean, the time spend lah. (refer to previous blog entry :p)
-- kenape website Gubra takde ape pun lagi?
Public annoucements:
-From 6 to 8th of April there'll be a Cadbury warehouse sale in section 16, Shah Alam! So for those chocolate lovers out there, don't miss it! :p

- For ulat-ulat buku out there, MPH is now celebrating their 100th birthday bash! Promotions starts from 29 March '06 for 100 days..
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