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Monday, May 29, 2006



I received this from a forwarded email through a yahoogroup forum. An excellent summary on the current Pak Lah's administration that i've read so far.

"..I do not agree that we should read anything out of this courtesy call (referring to Pak Lah's courtesy call on Dr. M in Tokyo). What I do know is that we had such high hopes for his administration and what we get is one disappointment after another. It all started with the Rafidah Affair. Anyone that shows discourtesy in public, cabinet and parliament should be censured instead she escaped unscathed even after being criticised in the UMNO Assembly. Then it was the choice of the Cabinet. After all the speculation he instead brought in individuals who have been more known for their dubiousness rather then their ability to deliver.Next he maintained some who have passed their sell by date. Not much creativity involved in his choice of Cabinet. This lack of creativity continues to plague his administration.

In the last few months issues that could be dealt more creatively was instead settled using the simplest means without scant regard (in the eyes of the public) for others. Petroleum subsidy - reduce it, Malaysia Airlines - get rid of excess manpower, TNB - increase the rates, Malaysia Airlines - give more to Air Asia, Scenic Bridge - cancel it, let's not crack our brains, Augusta - sell it, Proton - let's be knockdown assemblers, Multimedia Development Corporation, not that known? - change its name maybe that will help, the Penang Shipyard fiasco, let LTAT pick up its related to them anyway and let's not talks about it hoping it will go away, the double tracking contract - let's cancel it so we do not have to crack our brains how to finance it.

I admit that some of the decisions made are based on fiscal prudence, let's not spend what we do not have, however with the much touted young circle he has I have expected more creativity in the decision making process. I do not want his administration to be remembered as one that skirted on issues and avoided any form of disagreement. Some need to be faced head on.. " - by Megat Shahrizal

Pak Lah is definitely not much of a risk taker, unlike Tun Dr. Mahathir, father of modern Malaysia, who has proven himself to be an entreprising and visionary leader, with full of great ideas towards achieving vision 2020. Pak lah's style is more of a bureaucratic-type. Malaysia needs someone who is able to take risk and the determination to drive Malaysia further, and most important thing is getting the job done. But in Pak Lah's case, he seems to de-Mahathirise many if not all of Tun Dr Mahathir's projects and plans, and thus giving the impression that the previous Rancangan Malaysia ke-8 (RMK8) was a total failure.
There's no point talking about being open, being more democratic and all those political rethorics, when all you get is endless debates and in the end, you get nothing out of it. I think it is much better to have an authocratic-Mahathir-type of leadership than having an uneffective, indecisive and weak leader.
I just hope that Pak Lah's reign as PM will not be remembered as the period whereby; the rise of petrol prices and electric tariff, rise in inflation, high corruption index and slow economic progression.

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