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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The Middle East: What happens next?

Lebanon War.. Possible Scenarios & Newspapers

CAIRO — With the Israeli military offensive on Lebanon, already in its 14th day, showing no signs of abating, the world is left with one main unanswered question; What's next?

Britain's The Independent splashed on its front page on Tuesday, July 25, five possible scenarios for the crisis, already threatening to spill into a regional war.

According to the mass-circulation daily, the most likely scenario to happen would be a diplomatic settlement brokered by the US and the UN.

This would include the deployment of an international force to man a buffer zone between Israel and Lebanon, a proposal already given the thumbs-up by Israel and the US.

It would also lead to the disarmament of Hizbullah, a suggestion the Lebanese resistance group had hardly fought in the past and is likely to do expecially in view of the massive destruction cause by Israel in the conflict.

Israel withdraws unilaterally? Diplomatic settlement? Israel snared in counter-insurgency? Lebanese government falls? Israel invades Lebanon? We analyse the options.

Click the link above to read The Independent's analysis on the Middle East conflict -- or the so-called America-Iran proxy war between the US supported Israeli regime and the Hezbollah, which is primarily sponsored by Iran --

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