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Friday, March 10, 2006


Subang Storm..

The Star: 30 minutes that spelt chaos
Residents in this densely populated suburb outside Petaling Jaya thought a hurricane must have swept across their neighbourhood when a freak storm that lasted 30 minutes uprooted trees, blew off roofs, toppled over lampposts and caused chaos..
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God, seriously that was the worst storm that i've ever experienced in my whole life! I was on my way driving back home from Carrefour, when the 'freak' storm happened. Although Carrefour is only about a kilometer away from my house but still, it was so damn scary. I could barely see the car in front of me. Branches were everywhere by the road sides, the sound of the wind was even more creepier. And when i got back home, the lights were blinking and 'buzz'ing many times before it totally went off. It was like in some Hollywood horror flicks i tell you!
And later my house was blacked out for nearly 24 hours.
Take a look at these photos. Giler sial. Few weeks ago, Shah Alam got hit by its worst ever flood, and yesterday was Subang Jaya's turn to feel the 'wrath of god'..

Subang Parade

Bandar Sunway

Ridzuan Condominium, Bandar Sunway

SS14, Subang Jaya (All photos courtesy of TheStar)
Click for more photos..
Even the khatib today mentioned about the storm during the Friday prayers sermon. hmm. Mintaklah dijauhkan bala dari Allah..

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