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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Sunday thoughts & Faisal Tehrani..

Ah, I love Sundays (well, who doesn't, right?). There's always a few good articles to read while having bihun goreng for lunch. Be it from a Malay or English papers. Here's one of it. From the NST magazine, Sunday People section;

Her name's Read. Helen Read. Ms. Read loves to read. Here are a few excerpts of the article;

"..At any one time she may be in the middle of as many as four books of various genres.

She can easily finish one book a week while a thin book of about 200 pages can be devoured on a Sunday.."

Whoao, she could read four books at a time! Okk, i think i could learn something from her. Finally, there's someone i could relate with and try to emulate. ya know, there could be close to 20 books on my bookshelves that i haven't read or still pending to read(!) and yet i keep on buying and buying more books for almost every month. The latest was a second hand book, 'A Fortune-Teller Told Me: Earthbound Travels in the Far East by Tiziano Terzani' for only RM10, the one i'm currently reading and another one is an old second hand book by Nobel Prize author, Sir V.S. Naipaul, 'Among The Believers - An Islamic Journey'. There are few similarities between these two books, especially of their writings about their travel to the far east and other Asian countries, of which i don't intend to elaborate more for now. You could google them or search thru for a book review or anything related. :p

You know how it is. You see a good book and you just have to buy it,” she says.

I must say that I feel exactly like she did. Though how hard i try to refrain myself from visiting bookstores, i just knew that - it's not that easy. heheh. And you know what, i just renewed my MPH membership card. So, yeah.

Last but not least, fyi, the KL International Book Fair 2006 is coming to town! It will be held from 24th March to 2nd April at PWTC. I've been to the previous two KLIBF, so definitely i won't miss this one, insyaAllah.


Cerpen hari Ahad:
Sultan Alauddin belajar tasauf
oleh Faisal Tehrani

Hari inilah buat pertama kalinya saya baca cerpen dalam ruangan Sastera Mingguan Malaysia. Hanya semata-mata disebabkan oleh penulisnya - Faisal Tehrani. Seorang penulis muda yang sangat saya kagumi. Dalam dunia penulisan dan sastera Melayu moden di Malaysia ni, beliau bolehlah diibaratkan macam Mawi.

Tak ramai penulis yang saya jumpa boleh menggarap sesuatu cerita daripada sumber dan fakta sejarah dan mengolahkannya kembali dalam bentuk fiksyen dengan penuh berkesan, menjiwai dll dll. (Saya tak pandai nak guna ayat apa paling sesuai nak gambarkan). Saya tak maksudkan cerpen ini sahaja, tetapi menyebut secara umum. Teringin nak melihat karya penulisan beliau difilemkan ataupun mungkin di pentas teater, terutamanya novel yang telah menaikkan nama beliau, '1515'..

All i can say is that, Faisal Tehrani is definitely in a class of his own..

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