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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Muid Latif on 'young designers'..

I'd like to thank Muid Latif for sharing his thoughts by writing this long piece of article, "Welcome to the real world young designers!" in his blog. At a certain reading i felt like it was written for me, or at least as a fresh graduate lah kan. I read it for a few times and pondered and read it again as i thought of the many uncertainties of my career in this field. hmm.. but anyway, aspirants young designers out there, go have a read.
As Muid put it,

"So, how many of your clients can give you free flow without getting that bounce-back (return) of your creative ideas that you have been working for over a month?? “No, that green kaler (color) look similar to 7-11 woh…, We want something related to mother-nature, can we have pink??” Hello! Well, ain’t that a fact that this is Malaysia and we are bounded with the rule of stereotypes clients and those I should called *katak duduk dibawah tempurung* which means naïve people who still living in the Stone Age."

I was quickly reminded of a friend of mine who had an experience of doing freelance design job. He told me, "Dia (client) nak design futuristic tapi suruh guna font Times New Roman," hehe. No, don't get me wrong, the "many uncertainties" that i wrote in the earlier paragraph has got nothing to do with this statement. That, is a case for another reason.
This is the question that I still couldn't find a solid answer for myself, written in the article;
"Do we still have to be a designer at the age of 30? Where do we go from here?" ...
Anyway, check out my newly updated fotopage. :)
Coldplay - Proof

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